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Garden sheds • Workshops • Bunkies • Cabins • Garages • Pool House • Playhouses • Bus shelters • Ice-fishing huts • Hunt camps • Mini cottages • carports. Whatever you need, our handcrafted Amish-built sheds are a fabulous addition to your property...


Our sheds are custom built with 100% Natural Hemlock wood planks. All our sheds come standard with a steel roof, functional door with a ramp and sliding windows with screens. On the Pricing page you will find all your shed options and the "Design Your Shed" form that will help us price your shed.

All sheds are delivered to your site as a fully assembled building. They are built on 7" platform made of Larch wood; designed to keep your shed off the ground to prevent it from rotting and helping your shed last a "lifetime"...

All our sheds are 100% self-supporting, non-permanent structures that can be moved any where. This eliminates the need for a building permit in most municipalities. Always consult with your local building department first.

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