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Welcome to Amish Sheds

Garden sheds, Workshops, Bunkie’s, Cabins, Garages, Playhouses, Bus shelter, Ice-fishing huts, Hunt camps, Mini cottages… whatever your design, our custom built Amish Sheds are great addition to any property!

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The Amish

Our sheds are hand crafted, and built by the Amish of Pennsylvania.   The Amish live without a lot of the conveniences that most of us are accustomed to.   They shun modern technology and transportation for the Amish is by horse and buggy.  They do not have electricity or telephones in their homes and often use generators to create power to run their equipment and use horses, instead of tractors, to do farm work.   Many of the shop tools are run off of gas engines such as table saws and drill presses.  

The Amish are kind, respectful, hard working, and generous people.  The Amish heavily rely on farming to support their families and help eachother out when needed.   It is because of this that our sheds are given a rather large delivery window to account for any issue that may come up within the Amish community.

Our Sheds

Our sheds are custom built with 100% Hemlock wood exterior.  The sliding windows are fully operational and include locks, safety glass and screens.  All our sheds come with a steel roof.   On the Ordering/Pricing Page, please find the shed options and the “Design Your Shed” form that will let us price your shed for you.

The sheds are delivered as a prebuilt unit.  Due to their “post and beam” construction they cannot be shipped in a “knock down” form.  They are built on “skids” made of Larch wood, which will last a “lifetime”.  The skids are 7” tall so your shed floor will be about 7” off the ground, which keeps it from rotting.  Ramps are included for every doorway.

Our sheds are 100% self-supporting, so it eliminates the need for a building permit in most municipalities because our sheds a non-permanent structure (always consult with your building department first). 

We have engineering drawings for most of our shed sizes.

Treatment of Wood

Our sheds may be left untreated and will eventually turn black for that old-fashioned barn board look.  If you choose to paint or stain your shed consult with your paint specialist for the best product to use.  We provide an oil treatment to protect the wood and help retain its natural colour.

Site Preparation

Since our sheds are 100% self-supporting and do not require a foundation, a concrete pad is NOT required. Most sheds can essentially be installed on well-compacted level ground with simple 12”x12” patio stones evenly spaced beneath the skids to prop it off the ground. If the area needs grading please use a ¾” crushed gravel that is compacted (clear stone can make installation difficult and can add to the cost)

Site Access

Ideal access would be a back up to the shed location and unload. Due to the large size of the truck and trailer, adequate room is required to maneuver the vehicle around if the shed location is in a different area of the property. On the Ordering/Pricing Page please find the “Property Layout” form that will help us properly estimate the delivery fee.

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